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Find a home for my spare stamps & covers!

I have started to add listings of various stamps and covers that I will have for sale.  Since many of the duplicate items in my collection are of minor value, it is not worth it to list them on sites such as eBay since the listing fees might be cost me more than the stamps are worth (especially if you have to relist an item several times!).

Like most stamp collectors, I end up with a bunch of duplicate items ...  and it is time to find a good home for them!

This main page is only an introduction; the stamps,  covers and other philatelic items that I have for sale are on pages listed on the links at the top.   For most items I will have scans, but due to the time and effort to scan and upload stamps that are not worth that much, I'll only have a detailed description.   As items are sold I'll either annotate the listing with "sold" or remove them altogether.   Most items are one-of-a-kind; if I have multiple copies available, it will be noted.

I try to price my items fairly; generally below the catalog price! 

Buying items is easy: simply click on the "Add to Cart" button to the right of the item (it will open in a new webpage), go back to the site and pick additional items and when finished, click on the "view cart" button to check out (be sure to add foreign shipping if this applies to you).

Once you see some stamps (or covers) that you like, please e-mail me at "info @ stvincentstamps . com" (copy the text between the quotes into your e-mail client and remove the spaces) to reserve them.  Be sure to let me know your address so that I can calculate the total amount due.  Please note that postage costs will be added to the total.  US Postal Service insurance or registration is also available; uninsured items will be mailed entirely at your risk.  I prefer payment via PayPal; however, I can also accept US personal checks & money orders (must be from a US bank) or US $ or Euro banknotes.  Items paid via PayPal, US$ money order and cash payments will be shipped immediately upon receipt of payment; personal checks will have to clear first...

Links to other sites that I have are listed on the left.  I am a member of the APS, the ATA, ARA, BCPSG and about 10 other philatelic organizations (see my St. Vincent website for a full list).

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