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Swiss Stamps for Sale

Here are a few Swiss new issues that I have duplicates of:

Made of real Wood that is over 100 years old.  Sold out in Switzerland.


Qty Available:  1


150th Anniversary of the Sitting Helvetia souvenir sheet (note stamp at bottom has a silver-colored printing/embossing and turns out dark when scanned).


Qty Available: 3





Communications souvenir sheet

SOLD OUT! ($3.50)

Qty Available: 0






Swiss National Stamp Exhibition souvenir sheet

(NABA 2006)



Qty Available: 1



Swiss Teddy Bears Anniversary stamp booklet

SOLD OUT ($7.00)


Qty available: 0



Swiss Animal protection souvenir sheet featuring cats

SOLD OUT!  (6.75)

Qty available: 0






2005 Geneva car show souvenir sheet celebrating 100 years of the Geneva Auto Show, and featuring 2 unnamed automobiles

Qty available: 2

  (only $3.50 plus postage)




Complete Set of 4 machine vended stamps (these are also known as "ATM" stamps in Europe, ATM meaning "Automaten Marken")

1 set available

  ($3.95 plus postage)

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